Risk advisory

Risk advisory

Unwanted influence on your business activities through internal-external influence or a burglary, from extortion to arson and from activism to terrorism. 


Many organizations struggle with a good and effective Security and Safety policy. It is difficult to keep such threats manageable and it is often unclear how strong or weak the organization is when it comes to Security and Safety issues. 


Solid Systems - Risk Advisory helps those organizations by bringing relevant risks under control in a predetermined risk acceptable, controlled and manageable manner.


Security Management according to De Haagse Methodiek (DHM) is a well-known concept within the Dutch Security branch. This methodology has been devised for a manageable Security structure within companies and institutions; from policy-making to implementation, including quality assurance and auditing.


Benefits of DHM Security Management:

  • Flexible method;
  • Systematic approach;
  • Organized;
  • Transparency;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Standardization;
  • Cost reduction.


Wheel of Risk Advisory

Limit your Risks

The extent to which a series of threats must actually be seen as a realistic Risk depends on a careful assessment of the credibility of the threat, the specific vulnerabilities of the organization, the environment and the extent to which an unexpected incident can affect the organization. 


By having the Security Management package tested in the final sense, you have a certified package of Security measures at your disposal, with which an organization can demonstrate towards third parties that it has done everything possible to make all Risks and threats visible, controlled and manageable.


Reliable Security Management therefore requires customization. After all, an industrial location within a seaport area or a department store in the city centre is exposed to completely different Risks.


Avoid third-party liability

The DHM method offers all actors involved in Security the possibility of helps identify Security problems from the same approach and, if necessary, solving them corporate together. 


Audits, research and advice:

  • Security & Safety policy;
  • Risk analyzes and threat scenarios
  • Compliance with Safety and Security;
  • Outsourcing of Safety tasks;
  • Security of ISA-ISPS-TAPA-BORG locations;
  • Cutbacks, increasing efficiency, investment plans and innovation proposals;
  • Safety & Security Quick Scan (SQS) or ISA audits;
  • Evaluation, second opinion;
  • Lessons learned and best practices.

Safety Awareness

As an employer, you are responsible for creating a Safe working environment for your employees. Based on the inventory, analysis and evaluation, Risk Advisory makes recommendations to eliminate or minimize the identified Risks.


Risk Advisory provides:

  • Evacuation plans; 
  • Emergency plans; 
  • BHV plans for emergency response; 
  • Safety audits; 
  • Aggression scans; 
  • Crisis Management Plan.


Due to its independent position within the Solid Systems Group, Risk Advisory has all the necessary skills and expertise to take care of your Security & Safety policy from training, implementation and quality assurance, including the auditing.


For a substantive explanation or free introduction, you can leave your name, email address and telephone number below, then I will personally contact you.


Richard Bravenboer RSE

Consultant – Risk Advisory    


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Security quick scan

The Security Quick Scan (SQS) is a short but powerful investigation into the existing measures regarding the Security of a location or object. To realize an optimal Security concept, a consultant of Risk Advisory makes a Security Quick Scan based on an on-site inspection and Risk assessment.

Security measures considered during an SQS:  

  • All access points to the site;
  • Fences;
  • Outdoor lighting;
  • Windows and facade openings;
  • Hinges and locks;
  • Burglary protection;
  • Access to Secure areas;
  • Key plan & Badge reader control;
  • Camera observation;
  • Confidential document management;
  • Security of IT resources.


Determine area layout.

  • Observation area;
  • Secure area;
  • Vital area.


Comparing measures against scenarios. 

Risk Advisory assessed the above measures (the Organization, Building related and Electronic specific characteristics) to Risk scenarios, in order to determine whether the measures taken provide a sufficiently manageable situation.



The Security Quick Scan report that’s been handover, serves as guideline for the creating the necessary structures and logical steps to taken. The report also provides insight information about the current Building related, Organizational and Electronic state of affairs within the company in relation to actual Safety aspects.





Within the SQS, Risk Advisory tests the Security measures with its own methodology against the usual basic level of Security, as is also the case with insurance companies. The result will be delivered to you in a concise, clear and well-arranged report. It states what Security measures are present, what may need to be repaired or adjusted and what needs to be added.


Ethics and confidentiality

Risk Advisory attaches great importance to ethics and guarantees the confidentiality of confidential data and sensitive information obtained. Risk Advisory has an independent position within the Solid Systems Group and therefore basically focuses on all your Security and Safety issues, by keeping a constant focus on unwanted influence (s) of the business activities within your business organization visible, controlled and manageable to make.


Profit through the use of Risk Advisory

Thanks to our independent advice, experience and innovations based on smart combinations of Security services and systems, we have been able to drastically reduce one-off and recurring costs for many leading customers.



If you are interested, please contact us without any obligation for an appointment or information. Our consultant will be your business partner to discuss all your Security issues and to show you what Risk Advisory can offer your company or organisation.


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