Fire extinguishers

You can extinguish a starting fire in your company yourself. You can use a fire hose reel or a portable fire extinguisher for this. These must be in good condition and work when you need them. To be sure that the extinguishers work as expected, good and regular maintenance is important. 


 “In the event of fire, more than 85% of entrepreneurs can extinguish the fire themselves using a portable fire extinguisher or fire hose reel.” 


“Preventive maintenance leads to additional corrective maintenance by a certified service technician in 15% of the cases.” 


“An average of 2 out of 100 entrepreneurs experience a fire in their company each year.” 


These quotes from the 2015 edition of the annual review of trade association VEBON-NOVB makes it clear that small extinguishers represent an important and underrated value with respect to fire safety in companies. 


It pays to invest in small extinguishers, in their maintenance by a competent person and in training staff in small extinguishers. 


Inspection & maintenance of fire extinguishers (NEN 2559) and fire hose reels (NEN 671-3) 

Regular (annual) maintenance of extinguishers is required. Solid Systems has skilled technicians with experience in maintenance, repair and overhaul of extinguishers. 


Maintenance must be carried out according to the NEN 2559 and NEN 671-3 standards and performed by a competent person (REOB certified). In practice, a detailed score list is used which is added to the log after the maintenance. 



Maintenance to small extinguishers: 




Powder extinguishers 

Annual inspection, overhaul after ten years, cleaning out the fire extinguisher for internal inspection, new powder filling. Rejection and replacement after 20 years. 


CO2 extinguishers 

Annual inspection, overhaul after ten years, sending extinguishers to notified body for inspection, temporarily placing fire extinguisher at client. Rejection and replacement after 20 years. 


Foam extinguishers 

Annual inspection, extensive maintenance every five years, cleaning out the foam fire extinguisher for internal inspection, refilling, overhaul after ten years, cleaning out of the extinguisher internal inspection, refilling. During the extended maintenance after 15 years, cleaning out the foam extinguisher, internal inspection, refilling. 




Fire hose reels 

Total inspection of the condition of the fire hose reels, bearings, valves, brake test, flow measurement, checking the hose. The maximum working pressure of the fire hose reels must be checked every five years. 


Prevent problems 

Regular maintenance prevents problems. Sometimes, defects to the fire extinguisher are found during the maintenance, which can then be repaired to ensure that the extinguishing works as designed in the event of fire. 


Personal safety comes first 

Always take care of your own safety in the event of a starting fire. Always make sure you can leave the room without difficulty and danger. If you notice you can no longer control the starting fire, leave the room immediately and close the door behind you. 




Solid Concept Extinguishing Agents

Solid Systems has developed a distinctive concept on the fire extinguishing agents market. In the new Solid Concept, each extinguishing agent (fire extinguisher and fire hose reel) includes maintenance at a fixed rate. 



The extinguishing agents market often has additional charges outside the normal, annual maintenance. This can result in great price fluctuations. 


When the invoice arrives, you learn that additional materials have been used. These materials are necessary for proper operation of the fire extinguisher, but checking these costs requires a lot of administration. 


Solid Concept extinguishing agents prevents this! You pay a fixed amount per year for each extinguishing agent and an approved fire extinguisher is placed. There are no fees for sealing, components or other work. 


The price includes: 

  • Delivery of fire extinguisher. 
  • Pacing the fire extinguisher. 
  • Annual maintenance of fire extinguisher. 
  • All products of the extinguishing unit that can be replaced (extinguishing unit = fire extinguisher + conventional reel) 
  • 5-10 annual refill of fire extinguishers. 
  • Replacing fire extinguishers at the end of their life-span. 


Not included: 

  • Refilling outside the maintenance schedule 
  • Defects due to improper use, weather conditions and vandalism. 
  • When you lose a fire extinguisher, one extinguishing unit will be charged. 



Your benefit: 

  • Great cost savings. 
  • Fixed annual cost per extinguishing agent. 
  • No major investments upon purchase. 
  • Clear invoice = less administrative work. 
  • No multi annual or lease contracts, annually cancellable, no dependence. 
  • Upon termination of annual contract, acquisition of NEW extinguisher at a reduced rate. 
  • Facilitating end user. 
  • Less work in the workplace during maintenance. 
  • Free replacement in case of rust. 
  • Fixed rates for five years. 
  • After the fifth year, the NEW fire extinguisher will be your property. 


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