Our customers come from the following sectors.

Retail businesses

Solid Systems has developed its services to retailers as one of its focal points. Our employees deliver and install a wide variety of security systems throughout Europe.




The succes of our services is determined by our customised approach. In order to offer custom-built systems, Solid Systems starts with assessing the goals you pursue. By thoroughly identifying your needs and internal and external company-specific risks, we Ensure that our services seamlessly match your expectations and thus contribute effectively to the overall security policy of your stores.


All of our technicians possess the necessary experience and are specially trained. To achieve an extensive cooperation, Solid Systems involves you in the process to reach a high level of customization that is fully tailored to the needs and wishes of your organisation. Whether it concerns a specific building or a collective approach to protect multiple stores, Solid Systems has the knowledge and experience to serve your goals.

Besides electronic security systems, the range of services includes efficiency-enhancing applications, such as building management systems, public adress systems, data network applications and the ability to remotely manage security systems. Building management can substantially reduce energy consumption and operating costs and video surveillance  may be useful from an occupational health and safety viewpoint, besides serving security purposes in the event of an emergency. It is also possible to place certified data networks with 25-year-warranty!

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Protection demands customised measures.  The environment and the products or services that you sell are all affecting the ideal security situation. From a broad and lasting international experience, we know the most appropriate solution for your specific situation.

Our work force includes approved installers so you can be assured of a professional installation using state of the art technology.  Above all, you may expect excellent service because you can reach us 24/7 and as a result of our pan-European coverage, we are Always close at hand.

You want to do business safely and safeguard the continuity of your Enterprise.  Offices, shops and petrol stations are frequently targeted by crimes such as burglary, vandalism or robbery. Direct material damage is often reimbursed by the Insurance company but any consequential damage, such as stagnation of business processes and fear among employees, is rarely covered. To limit the risk of fire and malicious acts, you turn to Solid Systems. You may contact us for advice on and the implementation of intruder detection systems, CCTV, fire alarm systems, access control and any other security matters.

Private users

Individuals increasingly opt for a professional burglary protection system at home.


Their decision is based on reduced social control and the preventive deterrent effect of a professionally protected property. With our expertise, we can help you attain the desired security without obstructing your living comfort.


Please contact our consultants to obtain a customised advice on security and receive a quote for your specific situation. Our staff will gladly help you.

Educational institutions

Security at school requires expertise and customisation.

An emergency - such as fire - in educational buildings has immediate and significant consequiences for personnel, students, volunteers and visitors. As owner of the building, manager or employee, you are responsible for the safety of all.

Unfortunately, vandalism, theft and aggression continue to increase, making an effective security system necessary to protect equipment, confidential information and people. Bij choosing us, you will benefit from our experience in educational settings.


The issue of safety and security is important to governments, as they deal with a wide range of visitors.

A responsible and targeted approach in terms of safety and protection of people and facilities is indispensable nowadays. To this end, intruder detection systems, CCTV, fire alarm systems and access control are useful applications. Partly due to many years of experience.

Solid Systems has the required set of competences and means to provide you with a comprehensive product range.