Security by integration

We offer many types of electronic security. Intrusion detection systems, fire detection and evacuation systems, video surveillance, autonomous and integrated access control systems and many more. The advanced integration of all these systems is what makes them truly complete. We offer complete security solutions by means of interconnected systems. Smart systems which can be read clearly and are easy to monitor. In addition, as customers have a single contact person for all of their systems, the customer experience becomes more pleasant.


We customise for a variety of clients, such as governmental institutions, companies specialised in mass distribution, and SMEs, in the home market and abroad. Seemingly, we do that well because Solid Systems maintains long-term relations and is experiencing sound and steep growth. Local investments, reliable products and experienced technicians contribute to the company’s performance as a whole. That too, is integration.


We pay close attention to our own organisation. We manage confidential information and treat it with utmost care and discretion. Furthermore, by continuously investing in the knowledge of our employees, we have obtained certificates of key classifiers in various countries, such as VEB, KIWA and REOB in the Netherlands, INCERT and BOSEC in Belgium, and BHE and VDS ISO9001 in Germany. All we’d like to say is: your security is in good hands with us.


Security is a matter of trust. A good contact, clear communication and agreements you can rely on; it all starts with a good conversation. Make an appointment with us to see how we can maximise your security.


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