Emergency lighting

Is maintenance of your emergency lighting required? In accordance with the Building Decree 2012 and the Working Conditions Act, emergency lighting which is maintained and checked should the existing emergency lighting and escape route marking, managed and controlled. Solid Systems has skilled technicians who can take care of the maintenance for you. 

People often mistakenly assume that when emergency lighting is present, the safety is sufficiently guaranteed. Emergency lighting fixtures, however, are regularly defect, such as outdated batteries with insufficient capacity or broken lamps. 


During the annual maintenance, it is checked whether the escape route is correct, whether icons are up to date, and whether there is sufficient emergency lighting is present. 


Why annual maintenance of emergency lighting? 

  • To ensure the functioning of your emergency lighting. 
  • To check and/or replace defective and/or empty batteries. 
  • To check and/or replace defective lights. 
  • To prevent extra costs to fixtures due to defects. 
  • To check whether the escape route is still correct. 
  • To prevent liability in case of emergencies. 
  • Because it is mandatory. 



Maintenance to emergency lighting must meet the following requirements: 

  • Annual inspection of the operation. A visual inspection for damage, pollution and ageing takes place. These are repaired where necessary. The icon and the visibility of the fixture are also checked. 
  • Annual testing of the operation. The operation of the light and the fixture in case of a loss of power are checked. 
  • Testing of autonomy of the battery every 3 years. It is checked whether the fixture can work autonomously for 1 year when the installation no longer receives power.  


“By timely replacing lamps and batteries, you prevent unnecessary damage and additional costs to circuit boards and fixtures" 


What is meant by emergency lighting? 

Emergency lighting is lighting that takes effect when the normal lighting goes down due to a power failure. This is why it is fed from a source which is independent from the source that feeds the normal lighting. 


The function of emergency lighting? 

The presence of emergency lighting largely creates a safe situation for visitors and employees. Tools and extinguishing agents can be found and used and people can find the escape route and follow it outside.