Camera surveillance

Solid Systems is the first company in the Netherlands with the KIWA video systems certificate! 

Camera security is an effective and often preventive method to protect you and your belongings against burglary, vandalism or aggression. Modern technology makes it possible to view the images over the internet, anywhere in the world. This provides certainty at any moment. 


Cameras can be placed in any room, or in places where little or no supervision is possible. In most cases, there is a preventive effect and the cameras provide a sense of security.  



In addition to the preventive effect, video surveillance also has another goal: alarm verification for the intruder alarm system. 


For residential houses, shops, (care) institutions, schools, stadiums, companies or business sites, Solid Systems can provide and install a failproof and efficient system which is easy to use. 


Interview camerasystemen certificaat van KIWA.
Interview camerasystemen certificaat van KIWA.