Burglary protection

Both companies and private individuals increasingly choose to secure their company building, store or house using structural and/or electronic measures. 

Security is a combination of several measures; 

  • Organisational measures 
  • Structural measures 
  • Partitioning/burglary restrictive measures 
  • Electronic measures 
  • Alarms 
  • Response (alarm monitoring)

The outer hull of a building is often the first barrier. Approved hardware is therefore essential. As well as the closing of windows and doors when absent. Electronic measures detect a person entering a building, store or home. 


Solid Systems consults with you in the preliminary stages and maps out what these measures can do for you (or your organisation). A security plan can be drawn up to discuss in advance what measures will be carried out or what your specific needs are. 


For burglary installations, we mainly use the reliable Galaxy series by Honeywell and Texecom in new installations. Naturally, we also perform maintenance and repairs of other systems.